Vandals can cause a large amount of damage in just a short period of time. The GuardView System can be programmed with multiple sirens and strobes. These devices activate when the cameras are triggered by the offenders. Offenders will often flee the area once an audible alarm is sounding- limiting the amount of damage.


Why not purchase or hire High Definition Cameras?

There are plenty of companies in the marketplace that hire or sell HD cameras. A lot of these cameras are not monitored, and record to a hard drive or upload to the cloud. Without monitoring, the theft and/or vandalism has already been done, and often the offenders are unable to be identified. The HD cameras that are being monitored are usually expensive and require mains power, and an internet connection. GuardView Systems are monitored 24/7, and don’t require mains power or an internet connection.

Cost Benefits

No Response Fees

GuardView Systems take 10 seconds of footage when activated and sends it to our Monitoring Centre for verification. This enables operators to report the incident as a crime-in-progress. Saving you money on costly alarm response fees.

No Hidden Fees

We install, monitor and maintain the GuardView Systems at a low daily rental price. Other companies charge installation and monitoring fees which all add up.

No Expensive Wages

The GuardView System replaces the need to hire a security guard. Security guards are expensive, and can’t always keep an eye on large sites. GuardView reduces your costs, without comprising your security.

No Project Delays

Theft and vandalism can delay projects by days, weeks and even months. Not only does replacing stolen copper and damaged site components cost money, but delays in completion dates can decrease project profits.

  • No major installation required (the system can be easily moved around your site)
  • Battery operated and wireless (system doesn’t require mains power, cables or phone line)
  • No lighting required (each camera has built-in infrared illuminators)
  • Easy to use: just simply swipe a badge to arm, and swipe again to disarm (no alarm codes required)
  • Quicker response by the police (crime-in-progress)
  • Eliminate false alarms
  • Ideal for limiting vandalism
Installation Photos

Actual Footage

The video specs are fixed and the file size is kept small intentionally to ensure FASTEST possible transmission to the monitoring centre.
The GuardView System is designed to VERIFY, not identify.